MICO Construction now have the capacity, capability, Human Resource and Mechanical Resource to execute any of the following projects:

  1. Fibre Optic Installations and Commissioning
  2. Stringing and Splicing of OPGW Cables
  3. Replacement of earthwires with OPGW – DPR system
  4. Long Haul Underground Fibre Installations, Combined, the Board of Directors and Senior Executives have over 120 years of experience in Overhead Lines and Fibre Optic Solutions.

  1. Installation of ADSS and OPGW cable on energized HV lines
  2. Installation of ADSS designated on pole routes
  3. Installation of U/G fibre optic cable in pipe and chamber systems
  4. Direct burial of armoured U/G fibre optic cables
  5. Splicing, terminating and testing of fibres
  6. Cable routing, conduiting and ODF layout and patch panel installation
  7. Completion documentation, as built data, fibre traces, GPS co-ordinates
  8. Power meter and light source testing

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